Sunday is a very short poem I wrote years ago. I have also included a couple of Haikus. A Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry, consisting of three lines in the pattern 5, 7, 5 morae (or on). A morae is a sound unit, which characterizes Japanese poetry, unlike English poetry which is characterized by meter.


You left on Sunday
Now the sun is gone
From Sunday
And it’s just another day


Cat-like the night creeps
Silently, winter clothed
In fur, she sleeps

In my dreams I fly
Birds and clouds pass by the sun
I want to be them



You left to join the circus
As it travelled through our town,
You said you were a lion-tamer
Not a lady’s clown.
I didn’t mean to hurt you,
I was trying to play it cool.
I didn’t mean to be unkind
Or treat you like a fool.

The flat was cold and empty
So I let it to a man
Who was a part-time actor
And drove an ice-cream van.
His wife had left to join the air force
In a neighbouring town;
She said she was a flyer
But she thought he’d let her down.

I left to go to London
To get a job outside.
I couldn’t stand to watch the mirror
Watching while I cried.

It’s hard to iron

It’s hard to iron

It’s hard to iron
Without a hand
No not a hand
As in to help,
But hand as in
The five-fingered extension
Of one’s arm

It’s hard to climb
Without a foot
No not the measurement
Of length,
But foot as in
The five-toed extension
Of one’s leg

It’s hard to think
Without a head
No not ahead
As in gaining ground,
But head as in
The single extension
Of one’s body

But harder still
To live and die
No not to live and die as such,
But live and die as in survive
This world, this earth, this time